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osome ingredients
osome ingredients

In SwarupGruhUdhyog we mainly like traditional food and we find ways to get the best out of it. We launched roasted peanuts and roasted chana with the people of Gujarat in mind, there we taste buds of our premium quality peanuts and premium quality chickpea transformed into a snack optional with natural spices to stimulate the buds.

If we look at the preferences of the people of Gujarat, they mainly like peanuts more, They eat it mainly in the afternoon and at night after meals and for breakfast. The same is the case with chickpeas. Roasted chana is also eaten by people at night and in the afternoon as well as for breakfast, you are also given roasted turmeric chana when someone is sick. So we make roasted peanuts and roasted chana considering all the aspects.

We have a great team and network to source quality and good groundnuts and chickpeas, as well as that, we make the right quality, nutritious roasted peanuts and roasted chana with all the basics in mind. We would like to work with more focus on customers so that the customers do not feel disappointed, and are satisfied. Customer satisfaction is our main goal.

We strive to serve Fresh, Exquisite & Wholesome salted peanuts which you can Relish anytime

Amber Sharma

I have been using Swarup Peanuts from the past 6 months now and would love to share my experience regarding the same. As my wife made me to write this as she fell in love with this product and wanted to express her gratitude to Swarup for developing this product.

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Shaivya Gupta

I am so thankful to Swarup for creating Light Roasted peanuts. i can use them for both kind of preparations which involves roasted peanuts as they are light roasted so it can be used anywhere.

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Shubhra Sharma Kemtur

My favorites from Swarup are raw peanuts and Roasted Peanuts - Salted. the produce is absolutely fresh and has amazing Flavor, adding great Flavor to my dishes. Serve Swarup with full confidence of great quality!!

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Heeranmayee Chandrani

Swarup is a blessing for working women. Small packs are such a charm specially zipped lock ones. chey save space and I always get to eat fresh peanuts. these are the finest salted peanuts i have ever eaten.

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Pooja Patel

Peanuts are one of the most nutritious items which we daily have. However we had very trouble in storing raw peanuts purchased from the market.

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