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About Product

Procurement :  

We have a successful network and team with the help of which we can get good quality peanuts and chickpea from farmers in Saurashtra, Saurashtra is considered the best region for peanuts cultivation. We follow a strict policy to procure quality crops for processing after conducting several tests and then we buy.

Processing of roasted peanuts

We have machinery with state-of-the-art technology to de-shell raw peanuts. Consumers prefer hand-picked raw peanuts with their natural flavor, so it is offered to them.

We test the best quality peanuts from the market and then buy them. First it is soaked in salt water. It is then properly soaked in salt water, then covered so that salty water is completely absorbed in peanuts. It is then properly baked in our oven at the right temperature to give it the perfect crunch. Thus salted peanuts are ready.

The raw peanuts selected inside the house are completely dry roasted, also, the sorted groundnuts are roasted at Machine temperature for a fixed time to ensure uniform roasting and delicious taste.

Then after the hand-pick roasted peanuts are then sealed in the SwarupGruhUdhyog.

Processing of roasted chana

First of all the right and best raw gram is selected from the market after proper testing. We also have machinery for roasting chickpeas. It is then steeped overnight in turmeric and salt water, then it is laid in the boiler.

After soaking in water overnight, it is baked in a furnace in the right amount at the right temperature, thus roasted chana is ready.

There are many varieties of roasted chana, we have made roasted chana with turmeric chana.

Raw chickpeas:There are 2 varieties of chickpeas produced in India, Kabuli, and Desi.

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