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Only Swarup's Roasted Chana:  Healthy and Tasty

Swarup's roasted chana! Roasted chana is a favorite of many people. It also comes in many varieties like turmeric-salty, spicy, etc... Many people's mouths start watering just by hearing the name of roasted chana. Whenever we sit down to eat it, it feels like there is let's still eat some more, still eat some more... A sick person is asked by the doctor to eat roasted chana in certain circumstances. When a sick person is given roasted chana, he also enjoys eating them and apart from adequate nutrition, hunger is also satisfied. Roasted chana is really amazing. If we talk to Gujarat about chana, some of Gujarati's days have started with gram. They mainly eat chickpea flour fritters during dinner or if there is a function or the like. Also, many people eat roasted chana for a morning snack or breakfast in the afternoon also after lunch. Whenever people go out for a tour or a picnic, they do not forget to take roasted chana with them. They always carry roasted chana with them. Chickpea is considered primarily vegetarian food and it is one of the most popular beans.

There are mainly two types of chickpeas: Kabuli and Desi.

Desi chickpea is mainly smaller and darker and has rougher coat, whereas Kabuli chickpeas are large, light-colored, and smooth coats. Chickpeas come in many colors like green, black, brown, and red, with red chickpeas being the most popular. Chickpeas can be bought both dry and ready, you can store dry chickpeas in it in an airtight container in your kitchen in a cool and dark place for up to twelve months, besides that, once the chickpeas are cooked, you can store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. You can make and eat chickpeas in the form of many dishes like in a salad, soup, chana masala, as a quick snack, etc... Kabuli chickpea is mainly white to light brown in color. Desi chickpea is mainly brown in color. Chickpeas provide a rich source of energy and protein to cattle in their diet, it is a perennial chickpeas. Chickpeas are a nutrient-dense food. In many areas of the world, the leaves of the native chickpea are eaten as a cooked green vegetable and it is split in half so that it becomes chana dal known as desi chana or yellow chana[chana dal].

The protein and fiber in chickpeas keep your appetite under control and it can also help reduce your calorie intake at meals. Research has found that people who eat chickpeas have a smaller waist circumference than those who don't, it can help you maintain a healthy weight.

Chickpeas also have a very low glycemic index, it doesn't spike your blood sugar, which means it lowers your risk of diabetes.Eating chickpeas also improves your digestion. The fiber it contains is soluble and mixes with water in the digestive tract besides that soluble fiber inhibits the growth of unhealthy bacteria in the gut and increases the number of healthy bacteria.

Chickpeas are a good source of minerals like magnesium and potassium due to this, it helps in high blood pressure and prevents heart disease or heart attack.Since chickpeas contain nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6, protein, manganese, iron, and selenium, they can reduce inflammation in your body that is, it fights against chronic inflammation.

Jaundice can be removed due to chickpeas, consuming chickpeas soaked in water along with jaggery water gives relief to lotus fever.Apart from that, if chickpeas are consumed regularly, certain types of cancer risk can also be reduced, as well it also helps in preventing tumor growth. Hence many diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease can be prevented by eating chickpeas.

Chickpeas contain many impressive nutrients that can support brain function and mental health.Apart from that, it is a major source of iron which helps prevent iron deficiency. The iron in it increases the production of red blood cells and also helps in physical growth, muscle metabolism, brain development, and other health matters.

Skin diseases can also be reduced with the help of chickpeas, it reduces white spots, and fungal infections can be reduced. Black chickpea contains vitamin B6 which can prevent hair fall, besides that chickpea flour can remove dandruff and also prevents premature graying of hair.If the black chickpea is soaked in water for 8 hours, it becomes a little soft. Boiled in hot water till it becomes completely soft is called boiled chickpea due to this, immunity can be increased, physical strength can be increased and problems caused by Pitta doshas can also be balanced.

Thus, the numerous benefits of chickpeas help you in health in many ways.

You can eat and enjoy chickpea in many ways, in it we make roasted chana which is healthy as well as tasty, its recipe is as follows:

First of all, choose the right and best raw chickpeas selected from the market after proper testing. Then let it soak overnight in turmeric water and salty water and then put it in the boiler.After soaking the chickpea in turmeric water and salty water overnight, it water is completely absorbed in the chickpeas. After soaking overnight, it is properly roasted in a furnace in the right quantity. Thus, roasted chana is ready.

Thus, if you want to make a home-roasted chana, you should not put it in the furnace you can roast chickpeas by adding salt to a pan.When eating roasted chana, it is very fun to chew them. So will you try Swarup's, Roasted Chana?

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